Vacu Blasting

We are sandblasting, gritblasting and shotblasting specialists. Blast cleaning consists of bombarding the surface of a material with one of many types of sand, grit or shot. Normally this is carried out to remove paint, grime or scale, but sometimes it is required to impart a particular surface, or uniform finish, to the object or surface being blasted.


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Whatever your painting or finishing requirement, however large or small, please call our main office on +44 (0)1554 778068. Browse our website for more information on any of our services or email


Knowledge and Expertise

We are renowned for our knowledge, expertise and quality in the processes, formulations and application of finishing for buildings and fabrications.

Pioneering Techniques

Rovac has always been at the forefront of finishing techniques, working closely with the major paint manufacturers on research, quality and matching requirements for specialist materials and environments.

Comprehensive Management

Whatever the project, our management team will work closely with you to ensure you get no surprises and the job is done to your satisfaction. Dedicated relationship managers cater for strategic partnerships and larger projects.